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Snorkel gear includes a snorkel, swim fins, mask, and the flotation device. Having appropriate gear is quite important to make most out of the vacation sports. However, having a lot of unnecessary gear cannot be of help to you. For instance, it will take up the much-needed space in your backpack.

ytg23wedfc6vyhw3ed7u2jOther than inconvenience caused by the extra bulk, increased weight is likely to make your suitcase get over the limit. This can be very costly. If you are carrying an extra suitcase for the water sports equipment, remember that most airlines do charge for the extra bags.

You also need to bring with you some items for your snorkel excursion.  These items include personal items, a towel, sunscreen, and waterproof camera. Thus, carrying additional snorkel gear is likely to weigh you down. You can check the very best snorkel gear reviewed by SportzBits. You just need to take what you need to enjoy a great experience.

Snorkel gear


This is the first and most important thing you need. In fact, type of snorkel you are using is likely to make or even break your adventure. If you do not have one, you are advised to purchase one. Although the majority of tour companies provide snorkel gear to their passengers, you are likely to get only the basic models. Some of them may be even sterilized as they have been used by other passengers. You should note that design of basic ones is quite simple. Water just gets out very fast, and it is quite difficult for the children. In this case, you need to get a dry snorkel that prevents water from gaining access to the tube.


g23wedfcv7uw3edj2This is another important snorkel gear you need. There are several choices as far as masks for diving and snorkeling are concerned. In this case, you need to consider the quality of strap and glass. If you are planning on scuba diving or snorkeling adventure, you should get a mask. If you are on a tight budget, you can use one provided by the tour company.

Digital camera

Some snorkel masks have digital cameras integrated into them. This is quite important if you have money to purchase. In this case, you need to consider convenience and quality of the image.


This is an important snorkel gear but commonly overlooked. This item can be quite heavy and a bit bulky. It is necessary to have fins as they propel you through the waters. In this way, you move easily and with minimal effort.…

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Running presents one of the best ways to workout. Besides just staying fit, it can also be a career if you manage to compete at the top level as an athlete. Unfortunately, injuries are inevitable in any athlete’s life. As such, the only way to overcome such problems is to work with a podiatrist. The good thing about sports podiatrist Perth is that they are uniquely qualified to deal and treat with all manner of sports injuries. As such, modern-day podiatrists have what it take to ensure injuries do not interfere with the running routine of any athlete.

Common foot injuries

Turf toe

This is a condition that results when the big toe is overstretched consistently. It is a commonSDFsaeDF injury in athletes that do activities that require repeated hyperextension of the big toe like box jumps. It is also a common problem in athletes that wear super light and flexible shoes. Athletes with thing injuries often complain of pain and tenderness in the big toe. To be sure, one might be required to have an x-ray to rule out the possibility of having a fracture.

Old Lady Toe

This is a common foot problem among athletes. The symptoms of this injury include some tenderness and pain inside the great toe. One way of avoiding worsening of the situation is to avoid wearing pointed shoes. If you have this problem, you can do some first aid by applying ice on the toe to reduce the pain and any inflammation. From there, you can engage a podiatrist to devise the best way forward.

Stress fracture

This foot injury is caused by a combination of poor dieting and overtraining. It is a common injury among wsdAsd athletes. It typically affects the second and third toes. Athletes with this injury often complain of tenderness in the middle part of the toes. It is accompanied by some swelling on the top of the foot. You can manage these pains by applying ice or casting in severe cases.

Plantar fasciitis

This is another complaint or injury observed in athletes that wear flexible and light shoes. Athletes without adequate strength in their muscles are prone to suffering from this injury. This type of injury is characterized by inflammation of the fibrous tissue that stretches from the heel bone to the toes. The effects can be reduced by applying ice on this areas. If possible, you should talk to a podiatrist for comprehensive treatment and prevent reoccurrence.…

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