Unclogging Your Arteries Naturally


Clogging of arteries can be fatal as it may lead to heart attacks and failure. Your arteries may get clogged without your knowledge. Maintaining a healthy diet can, however, help you solve this problem without having to go for any drugs or supplements.

Foods that help with artery unclogging



This vegetable is rich in folic acid and potassium which makes it useful in preventing hypertension. It prevents bad cholesterol from forming in the body and thus frees the arteries. Spinach has been proven to give the best protection against heart attacks. Another compound found in spinach is lutein that gives protection against macular degeneration which is usually due to aging.


Tomatoes contain the compound lycopene that helps in preventing the hardening of arteries. This compound is especially good when it comes to artery hardening prevention. Women with high levels of lycopene rarely suffer arteries problems as research reveals.


Garlic has been in use as a traditional medicine for a long time. It is considered a unique type of vegetable and helps in treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also helps with treatment and prevention of heart diseases, high blood pressure as well as preventing coronary artery calcification.


Fish is regarded the best source of omega-3 oils. These oils help in the prevention of fatty deposits accumulation in your arteries. Omega-3 oils specifically prevent cholesterol oxidation which usually leads to clot formation in the arteries as shown by various research studies.


The most useful and important ingredients in grapes are resveratrol, flavonoids, and quercetin. These compounds help with the prevention of cholesterol which causes plaque formation on your artery walls. This way grapes help in reducing risks of blood clot development which may lead to heart diseases.


Soluble oat fiver specifically is an ingredient which does not allow cholesterol increase. The fibers contained in this oat regulate and can even eject the bad cholesterol from your body and hence unclog your arteries. You can consume two cups of oats daily to help clear off bad cholesterol.

Melon and kiwi

healthylifestyleleftfasgdhjfghThese two types of fruits have a high content of antioxidants which makes them very powerful when it comes to reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. You can take just a cup of these fruits a day to do away with bad cholesterol.

Clogging of arteries is the major cause of heart disease as well as other cardiovascular disorders. Ensuring that your blood arteries are unclogged always is key to a healthy lifestyle. Include these effective remedies in your diet plan to get rid of clogs in your arteries and stay healthy.