Health Factors That Will Make Your House Stay Longer In The Market

While selling a property or a house, you need to close a good deal as fast as possible. However, there are some factors that can hinder you from making a fast house sale. Therefore, it is crucial to understand them so that you take care of them. Of course, one has some time to prepare the house for sale. Here are some of them.

The health factors

Pests and rodents

dgdfgfdgdfgdgdfgfdgA home that is heavily infected by pest, insects, and rodent will rarely get a customer. People do not want to start off their new life with a menace that can cause diseases to the users. Insects like termites can damage the timber making the roof to collapse. However, one can take care of this by calling pests and rodents fumigators to take care of the problem. The damaged wood will need renovation and at the same time treatment against termites.

Molds and mildew

Moisture caused by leakages of plumbing lines or rainwater can cause mold and mildew in the house. The affected areas include the kitchen, bathrooms and the basement units. These two causes allergic reactions to home occupants or other diseases cause by their poisonous pores. The foul smell they develop is also unbearable. You can identify the challenge and have it rectified before taking the house to the market.

Structural problems


People can get injuries if the tiles are broken, headroom in some parts is low or if there is a structural problem. The common health hazard areas include slippery floor, broken staircases, broken window glasses among many others. In this regard, the owner should ensure that all these areas are covered otherwise the home will stay for long in the market without getting a client. As a matter of fact, this can lower its value or possibility to sell with a great percentage.

Plumbing and sewer challenges

One other problem that can cause health problems is the sewer system. People can get sick if the sewer keeps on blocking or the plumb line is leaking the gray water. Hence, the potential buyers will be keen to check on this before buying your house. Before even taking it to the market, make sure that all these areas are attended to in the best way possible.

Indeed, some or all of the above factors can derail your efforts to sell a house whether new or old. Doing some renovation for the old houses is good ways to increases its chances of selling…